Indian Restaurants in Dubai, UAE

Find the list of Indian Restaurants in Dubai, UAE

Are you looking for the best Indian Restaurants in Dubai, UAE? Find the list of Indian Restaurants in Dubai, UAE.


Armani/Amal is an Indian dishes serving restaurant in Dubai. They server Indian cuisine with the best traditional cooking style and spices.


Gazebo is an Indian restaurant in UAE which holds the taste of Mughal Indian pride. They brought the rarest ingredients of Indian cuisine. they have the presence of the chefs who are the descendants of the Mughal kitchen.‘Dum Pukht’ of cooking trapped all the natural flavours and brought an exotic taste to dishes.


Indego is the restaurant which brings an exotic taste of India by the hands of chef Vineet. Indego, the Indian taste serving cuisine gives the customer an experience to taste the traditional culinary in UAE.


Khyber is a multi-awarded restaurant which brought the palette of north Indian flavours to Dubai.they provide their customers to have their dining with an exotic view of Dubai Marina in a 180-degree view.

Kulcha king

It's an Indian restaurant which serves the warmth and tradition of north India. They are known for cooking best traditional kulcha in Dubai