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Tonic International is a full-service creative agency founded in Dubai in 2004, known for its creative advertising strategies, effective branding, digital marketing and media buying. Great ideas unify everyone at here. Ideas that add to your brand’s story, creating conversations and positive actions.

As Dubai grew, the media landscape evolved, and the needs of clients exploded. Tonic is one of the creative agencies in Dubai that offer a full suite of integrated solutions. Think of them as an advertising agency, a branding agency, a digital agency, a retail agency and a media agency in one. The team consists of 65 people from more than 30 nationalities. Great ideas unify everyone at here. Ideas that add to your brand's story, creating conversations and positive actions. Ideas that disrupt. They believe instead of deciding and agreeing on mediums and channels, the idea should be at the core of everything and from there find the best channel and use the best tactics to communicate the message. Whether it's a media, advertising, branding or digital project, They put great emphasis on getting the brief, or the starting point. Their planners work with you to define a 360° branding and communication strategy that pinpoints an issue or problem with laser sharp precision. Once they work out the brief, they share it with people from different disciplines and backgrounds, who bring with them unique perspectives to solve the client's business and marketing needs.

Our core services include:

Branding - Tonic offer thorough market research and strategies, Brand Identity, Brand architecture, Rebranding, Logo Design, Event Branding, Signage and wayfinding, Product and Packaging Design.

Digital Marketing - Online Advertising, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Google Display Network (GDN), Programmatic Advertising, Online Marketing Consulting, Social Media Community Management, Reporting, Advertising, Video & Display Advertising, Re-marketing & Re-targeting, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Measure, Attribution Tagging, and Setup

Media Marketing - Media Auditing, Search & Media Strategy, Event Sponsorships, Media Buying Optimization, SMS Marketing, Television Media Buying (TV), Cinema Media Buying, Radio Media Buying, Newspapers & Magazines Media Buying, Outdoor (OOH) / Outdoor Media Buying, Web Scraping/Competitive Analysis

Website Design and Development and Mobile App Design & Development - UI Design, UX Research, Strategy, Design & Optimization, Tailored HTML5 Programming

Mass Media Advertising - TV/ Cinema, Video Content Advertising, Press & Print Advertising, Out of Home (OOH) / Outdoor Advertising, Production Management in Print, Digital, Radio & Video content, Radio Advertising, Digital Advertising, Publication Design

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