Gray line

Gray line tourism is the largest tourist managing company which works in UAE. They have the local specialist's as guides for showing the destination.

Gray line tourism in UAE started their service journey with full staff, vehicles and a real knowledge of the destination. their advice on hotels, restaurants or excursions is the result of real experiences.
they negotiate constantly the best rates with suppliers, they book their clients only with the best services, they watch them and assist them when they arrive at the destination. they are always reachable 24/7 if the customers need them during their stay by giving them a full support. they always made their customers comfortable. their services includes booking the hotel, transportation, organise excursions, and will give all kinds of advice while accompanying with you in the destination.

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Contact Information
+(971) 4 255 529
Block 201, Al Ghamen Building, Above Caravan Restaurant Opp. Nissan Show Room, Behind Dnata, Deira, Port Saeed. P.O Box 186008
Dubai - UAE