Desert Adventures

Desert Adventures tourism is the leading destination management company in UAE. They have a good relationship with key players in the global travel industry.

Desert Adventures Tourism has been an acknowledged leader in Destination Management Company services in the UAE. They have been the preferred DMC partner of tour operators and travel agents worldwide. their depth of local expertise, vast global reach, strong relationships with key players of the global travel industry – including government and tourism authorities – and innovative B2B systems have facilitated the offering of a wide range of high-quality products and services as well as seamless operational compatibilities with partners. From visa support and transport services to a wide selection of hotel accommodations, an exciting range of unique tours and excursions, and pre-decided to tailor-made packages, they take care of every need and desire of visitors within their destinations. they are a reliable partner in creating exceptional destination experiences for Groups or FIT, VIP or Business Traveller.

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Contact Information
+971 4 450 4450
3rd Floor, Al Barsha Boutique Building, Al Barsha 1, P.O. Box 25488, Dubai, UAE