Makani restaurant

Makani is an Indian restaurant which provides tasty Indian traditional food in Sharjah.

Makani provides you with an art of cooking experience that will fulfil the customers desire of their palate. They provide the rich Indian ambience by serving the customer with the traditional Awadhi cooking style. They follow the traditional distinctive way of cooking. They mostly use the Mughal cooking techniques. Awadhi style gives birth to dum cooking which is the most unique cooking style the restaurant follows. Awadhi cuisine follows the perfect understanding of spices and alluring flavours and their art of cooking slow fire produces an irresistible aroma. The perfect blend of secret spices, fresh ingredients, and flavorful herbs that are handed down to the Makani lineage for the past three generations are the essence of their cuisine.

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Contact Information
06 5344402, 0525957689
Level 2, New Extension, Sahara Center, Al Nahda, Sharjah