Emirates Kitchen Equipment

Emirates Kitchen Equipment is one of the leading kitchen contracting companies in UAE. They have their head office in Abu Dhabi with branch offices in locations like Dubai, Qatar, Riyadh, etc.

If you are looking for kitchen contracting companies in UAE, get in touch with one of the leading companies - Emirate Kitchen Equipment. You will be amazed to see their services and the work their team follows. Their head office is in Abu Dhabi, wherein branch offices are located in Dubai, Riyadh, and Qatar.

The company has been working since 1990 and supplying top class laundry equipment and commercial kitchen equipments to their clients. EKE is an international industrial certified company with their branches in Qatar, UAE, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. They offer a wide range of commercial equipment for restaurants, hotels, food courts, hospitals, military establishments, oil companies, airlines, educational institution, and more along with planning, designing CAD layouts, after sales and maintenance services.

A Bit More

Their perception of the kitchen is where state of the art systems and professional equipment add value to their products. The services included are: training, planning, and maintaining their product range. This is the main reason the team delivers the products/services on time to their customers throughout.

Contact Information
+971 2 643 8566
Airport Road, Bin Jabr Group Tower
3rd Floor (Office Entrance)
Beside KFC / Hardees Bldg.
P.O. Box 46711, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Why EKE?

Popularly known as ‘The Art of the Kitchen'

The company is dedicated in delivering the high-quality and best value to their customers. They are keenly aware of the importance of efficiency, reliability, and an impact of the environment on the product range. They make sure to satisfy the customers with every knowledge they need. Also, they collaborate with the best consultants from the chain of hospitality: manufacturers, hotel operators, food service specialists, and chefs.

The team of EKE believes in the Motto of long term relationship. Therefore, every promises and commitment are fulfilled. They have a department of almost 50 technicians that are dedicatedly working; a complete range of spare parts, and assuring customer services within 24 hours. If you are looking for the same, get in touch with the team or you can call the customer care for further assistance. You can also visit the website to take a look at their past projects