Heidi Chef Solutions

Heidi Chef Solutions is sales and service partner of some of the leading bakery equipment manufacturers in Dubai, UAE, GCC & Jordan. They also provide a variety of premium F&B & bakery products from renowned brands.

Heidi Chief Solutions is the reliable source of providing equipment to the bakery manufacturers in UAE, GCC, Jordan, and Dubai. Not to forget, they also provide a variety of premium F&B and bakery products for all the renowned brands.

Heidi was set up in 2003 that aim to serve the bakers and chefs of the UAE with the high-quality bakery ingredients from the finest German, American and Austrian companies. Their product ranges include flour, cream, bakery premises, doughnuts, frozen cakes, cupcakes, croissant, and bread.

The Team

Their team is dedicated to providing their customers with the best support and high-quality services. Their commitment to and after sale support is backed up by their in-house team and baker who are available for technical support and demonstrations by their technical teams.

Their Client Base

Their present client base includes 5-star hotels, perfectly renowned by Airline catering facilities, free-standing bakeries, super and hypermarkets, and other institutions throughout the UAE.



  • Flour
  • Seeds
  • Filings and flavours
  • Yeast and dough improvers and conditioners
  • Release agents
  • Bread and pastry
  • Bakery and party ingredients
  • Dairy cream by QimiQ
  • Frozen cup Cakes
  • Frozen viennoiserie, rolls, loaves of bread
  • Frozen ready to eat high-quality gluten-free products

BAKERY EQUIPMENT: They are the regional service and sales partners of the leading bakery equipment manufacturers for United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Dubai, and Gulf Cooperation.

  • Gluten free and Lactose-free products
  • Luxury biscuits
  • Organic Teas

  • Luxury Biscuits
    • Salted caramel chocolate chip
    • Black Forest crunch
    • Lemon Curd
    • whirls
    • Fruit flapjack
    • Honey crunch
    • Triple chocolate
    • Vanilla shortbread

    Services Provided
    • Operation safety check
    • General check for overall proper operation
    • Inspection of all moving parts
    • Complete operation, safety, and sanitation report
    • Lubricate and grease all necessary parts
    • Replace worn or damaged parts
    • Make routine adjustments
    • If parts show abnormal wear, instruct operator on proper operation procedures
    • Upon arrival, make necessary repairs
    • Test and approve each for proper operation

    Contact Information
    +971 4 340 4770
    10 13 Street Dubai

    If you are looking for the above-mentioned services, get in touch with the team for the professional services and if you have any enquiry, you can visit the website and fill in the form given. The team will take care of everything without any hassle. Enjoy their services!