Al Farid Metal Works Manuf. L.L.C

Al Farid Metal Works Manuf. L.L.C is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of stainless steel products. They offer custom solutions for commercial kitchens, confectionery, food processing & pharmaceuticals industry as per the clients needs.

Al Farid Metal Works Manuf.LLC is one of the leading suppliers, manufacturer, and exporter of stainless steel products. They offer customized solutions for kitchens, confectionery, commercial, pharmaceuticals, and food processing industry as per the needs and requirements of the client(s).

They have grown into successful exporter and manufacturer with their clients throughout Africa, UAE, and Oman. With their expertise, engineers, welders, skilled fabricators, and modern computer-controlled machines, they are able to offer a competitive high-quality manufacturing service(s). Whether its about small quantities, large batch quantities, and flexibility to cater. The team is experienced enough to present their duties in the best way and also keep in touch with their clients until the end of the services.

Services of Al Farid Metal Works Manuf LLC are:

The team offer flexible and competitive manufacturing service(s)

  • Commercial Kitchen: stainless steel tables, sinks, soak sink trolley, perforated cabinets, storage bins, worktop table, wall shelves, overhead shelves, worktops, hoods, exit-entry table, extraction systems, and much more.
  • Confectionary: Frost worktop, refrigerators, chest freezer, upright refrigerators.
  • Food Processing: Stainless steel tables, shelves, extraction systems, sinks, conveyors.
  • Pharmaceuticals: stainless steel slob; guards, chutes, hooper, utensils trolley, pass through, racking, and other manufacturing products and services.

Commitment to Customers
Their vision is for continued visibility and growth, reliability for the high-quality service, a reputation for excellence and professional technical capabilities. They do not compromise on their services and products. Everything is properly managed and engaged and services are delivered properly; they have proved themselves in both domestic and international growth. They will continue to grow and invest to make it the best for their customers and ensure excellence.

If you are looking for these services or products, get in touch with your team or you can visit the website to know everything in details. You can also email regarding the same.