Parco Refrigeration and Kitchen Equipment Factory LLC

PARCO is a widely recognized brand which deals into manufacturing & distribution of commercial kitchen & bakery equipment across the Middle East.

If you are looking for the recognized brand which deals into distribution and manufacturing of bakery equipment and commercial kitchen in and across the Middle East, then PARCO is the best name for this.

PARCO is well-known name in the field of commercial equipment distribution and manufacturing in the Middle East Region. Their mission is to fulfill and understand the needs and requirements of customers by providing them with a valuable product with good quality service and maintenance. Their best quality products and services give them the total acceptance to be the best.

The wide range of PARCO products has been evolved as the best result of the past along with the quality and services. The team is professional to take care of your needs without any hurdle.

Products by PARCO

  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment
  • Preparation Equipment
  • Washing and Laundry
  • Grand Displays
  • Custom Made
  • Bakery Equipment
  • Hypermarket and Supermarket
  • Commercial Refrigeration

Services provided by PARCO

  • Maintenance: The company has a professional maintenance team to back up the sales and support it. The maintenance contracts come monthly, quarterly and yearly for large projects like restaurants, hotels, and bakeries, and in large quantities.

  • Consultance and Engineering: The company has experienced and professional engineers that contribute to achieving and developing a well-crafted design and achieving quality. They have AutoCAD designers in designs and making layouts to make the client(s) happy, satisfied and meeting the International Standard.

The brands they have worked on are high techs like Hobart, Nexus, Menumaster, Salva, Olis, Scotsman, Desmon, and much more.
Contact Information
+971 4 2670660
P B No : 45677, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

To conclude, if you are looking for these services only, then get in touch with the team of PARCO and talk to the experts. For further information, visit the website or you can email them for the details. To know the daily updates, check out their social media pages. Take the best pick!