iPurity- AC Cleaning Service in Dubai

Looking for professional AC cleaning solutions in Dubai and the UAE? Try the services offered by iPurity which is one of the most reliable and committed organization in this business.

iPurity which is a Dubai based association, for the most part directing filtration and sanitization of the Whole AC System for the private and corporate areas by effective and expert services.
They offer organic disinfection that eradicates pathogens,and poisons in the air. They give importance on enhancing the well-being of individuals and the environment. The disinfecting solution scatters a specific eco-friendly bio-sanitizer that annihilates airborne and other microscopic organisms and other viral and fungal diseases. They use a progressive mix of 100% chemical-free purification and spraying technology providing top-notch service in numerous environments, automobiles, residential and commercial spaces, hotels, restaurants, wellbeing clubs and schools

Contact Information
+971 4 565 5245
P.O. Box: 212212 Dubai - U.A.E

Services Offered by iPurity- AC Cleaning Service in Dubai:

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  2. Bio Disinfection -
  3. AC Duct Cleaning -
  4. Corporate Services -