ALO Maids & Technical Services

ALOMaids is one of the reputed cleaning companies providing end to end cleaning solutions for home & commercial setups. They also provide party/event help and emergency cleaning services in Dubai.

When we talk about hiring staff for housekeeping or technical stuff, the one name is perfect for this - ALO maids and technical services which came into the existence on 09 January, 2013 in UAE. The motive of the business was to create opportunities for workers who were exploited in many terms: lack of jobs, contract period over, less salary, and much more. This agenda became popular and worthy to the maximum people who were looking for jobs. ALO prefers to hire staff based on merit and the majority of female or those who are the single parent and are the only source for their family.

Apart from this, ALO maids and technical services also serve those who strictly understand the situation and importance of the job for the mentioned class of people. Therefore, there are certain conditions which are taken care for an un-educated, unskilled, semi-educated, especially for the women. The vision of ALO falls to be the responsible company both socially and environment friendly and also takes care of sustainable improvement to all the places and lives of the people where they serve.

The Mission

Most importantly, the mission is all about focusing to be cleaner, safer, and greener place with a happier, helpful community, and being healthier in every aspect. The team brings in 100% reliability and customer satisfaction all-together.

The Staff

The company is fully managed by the professional team of highly qualified experts. The administration is filled with the best education and basic norms that need to be followed whilst working. You can trust their maids, technicians, and other staff in terms of safety and security. They are always in the company uniform and are picked and dropped in their own branded vehicles.


  • Retail Services
  • Home Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Event or Party Organization

Key Attributes of the Staff

  • They are demeanor and have the professional attitude.
  • They are hard working and needy.
  • They are motivated enough to provide you with the best services.
  • They are trustworthy if you are thinking to leave them alone at your house or office.
  • They are soft spoken and maintain ethics.


  • Social Responsibility
  • Sustainability
  • Integrity
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Pluralism

Contact Information
04 321 8441
Oasis Center, Office 67, Third Floor,
Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

To know more about the services, get in touch with the team of ALO maids and technical services. You can also visit the website to know more. Choosing ALO won't be a mistake. The services and staff are the best combinations you will get.