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Do you feel the need to rejuvenate your body?

TOP GYM can provide you with the perfect solution towards realizing an ideal for you in Dubai. Our members benefit from the expertise of our trained professional instructors who have devised new and innovative exercise regimens that help your body, mind, and soul. The mix of hot yoga and stretching exercises can enable you to build stronger bones while burning more calories and fighting stress all at the same time. You also gain access to the virtual training studio, which allows you to perform autonomous training. Become a TOP GYM member today and begin your fitness journey.

Dubai (View Fitness in Dubai)
Dubai   (View Fitness in Dubai)
Contact Information
971 4 510 8569
Mezzanine (M) Floor, Golden Mile 7 , Palm - Jumeirah - Dubai

TOP GYM is the most prestigious gym in Dubai, which offers its members a holistic approach toward physical training. As a member, you stand to benefit from our large iconic designed facility in Palm Jumeirah. The innovative and creatively designed workouts will provide you with a unique experience that makes fitness a fun activity. Our gym's ultra-modern facilities will ensure that our members are equipped with all the essential convenience features. We also have a stretching studio that enhances your body's flexibility and tones your muscles in the process. Take advantage of the fantastic offers at TOP GYM by enrolling today.