Bright Rise Pest Control & Cleaning, Mussafah, Abu Dhabi

Bright Rise Pest Control & Cleaning is a firm having 20+ years of experience which provides complete pest control & deep cleaning services for both commercial & domestic clients in Abu Dhabi, UAE

We all know that pests can be really serious for your health. Termite, Rodents, Cockroaches, and Mosquitos can be one of the reasons for serious diseases, therefore its necessary to remove them from your place. Not to forget - Removing them is not an easy job, it is properly planned. The technicians of Bright Rise are professional enough to deliver customized solution(s) in Abu Dhabi.

Bright Rise Anti Termite/Pest Control and Deep Cleaning company offers pest control and deep cleaning services in Abu Dhabi, Muhammad Bin Zayed, Musaffah, Shahama, Bada Zayed, Rahba, Khalifa City, Sila, Lisa, Ruwais, etc. With more than 20 years of experience in Deep Cleaning, pest control and Anti Termite, Bright Rise is providing the best ever services without any hassles. The services provided by Bright Rise is already approved from Tadweer (CWM) and Abu Dhabi Municipality. The team is available 7 days of the week for best Termite and Pest Control Services in Abu Dhabi including Bed Bugs, rats, fleas, Cockroaches, etc.

Contact Information
+971 2 67 90 978
Bright Rise Pest Control & Cleaning LLC
Plot No 69, Office # 43, Musaffa industrial M.40 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Expertise in Deep Cleaning in Abu Dhabi

Bright Rise (BR) deep cleaning company offers a complete range of cleaning services including floor scrubbing, polishing, bedroom cleaning, bathroom cleaning, carpet shampoo, tank cleaning, bedroom cleaning, and sofa cleaning services in Abu Dhabi. The concept of deep cleaning includes stain removal, tile, wall, dirt removal, scrubbing the floor, mopping, restoring shine, and much more.

The team will inspect the home from every corner, top to bottom, for current or potential pest problems, inside and out in Abu Dhabi.

Pest Cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi

With more than 20 years of experience on Anti Termite and Pest Control, the team have proven their efficiency as fresh, environment friendly, and dynamic company.

  • General Cleaning of New &Old villas, Flats, Offices, Shop, Restaurant and other

  • Carpets + Sofa+ Mattress Shampooing with high Performance Shampooing Matching and Dry Matching

  • Marble and Mosaic Floor care

  • Glue Removal / wax polishing

  • Total Floor care

  • Acid bat Toilet Cleaning, Kitchens, Windows, and other

  • For effective and efficient pest and termite control in Abu Dhabi, Bright Rise is the name you need to consult.

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