Telecom System Integrator & Engineering Service Provider in UAE

Aesthetix is a leading Telecom System Integrators & Engineering Services Provider in UAE, providing various effective solutions such as Control Room Solutions, Ergonomic Study, Oil and Gas Pipeline Leak Detection, Procurement & Logistics, Construction Commissioning & SAT, Project Management, etc. From the largest onshore and offshore oil and gas infrastructure to complex rails and metro systems, the Aesthetix team is committed to providing smart, intelligent and innovative solutions to manage the major assets of the world. Being one of the world-class technology integrators and ergonomics consultants in the industrial sector, they help their clients with more integrated solutions to make the world a safe and people's friendly place, bringing greater capital efficiency. Experienced for more than a decade, Aesthetix is widely known for its innovative design and engineering solutions, focused on control rooms and ergonomics.

Contact Information
E - 05, Light Industrial Unit 6 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Services Offered by Aesthetix:

  1. Telecom System integrator - Telecom System integrators
  2. Pipeline Leak detection System - Pipeline Leak detection System for oil and gas
  3. Control Room Solutions - Control Room Solutions for Oil and Gas industries