We are an IT-recruitment agency. We are helping technology companies with talent acquisition since 2014. Intella works both with IT companies and businesses in other fields. We search for staff in different industries.

– Corporate and personal software
– Custom software development
– Telecom
– Game development
– Banks and insurance
– Trading, cryptocurrencies, fintech
– E-commerce
– Social networks and media
– Electronics manufacturing
– Pharmacology, medicine, genetic research
– Mechanical engineering and metallurgy
– Retail
– FMCG and agro-industry

Contact Information
The One Tower Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai UAE

Services Offered by Intella:

  1. IT recruitmenr services - We help IT companies to hire tech talents
  2. IT recruitment services - We help IT companies to hire tech talents

We specialize in finding professionals for all stages of software development. 78% of our closed positions relate to this area, and most recruiters are engaged in working on this stack.

Today programmers are top-one among the most wanted specialists. We find developers for any technological stack.